Doge's Young And Handsome Brother is Here

Doge’s Younger, Better Looking, and Excited brother is here.  With Automatic BNB Redistribution and anti-whale mecahnics.

He has passed all his training and is ready to fly $BBD

Why BabyBrother Doge?

BabyBrother Doge is the younger and better looking young brother of Doge. Not only that but he has plenty of more utility and allows his investors better odds of success

BabyBrother Doge is a redistribution token with anti-whale mechanics and is the newest addition to the Doge family. We plan to implement aggressive marketing and give everyone who missed out on other doge family member coins to get into this one before we take off.  We are an autostaking coin with a charity wallet that will donate to various dog charities.

We are currently holding a Private Sale to raise funds after our rebranding

Nobody on this planet









Original Supply


12% Tax On Transactions

7% BNB Redistribution
3% Liquidity Lock
2% Marketing Fee

BNB Redistribution

Automatic Claim BNB Redistribution that hourly sends BNB to wallets holding $BBD

Anti-Whale Mechanics

Max Buy and Max Sell Transaction Limits to prevent Whales from controlling our Price-Action


Check out our plan for continued growth, development and accomplishing of our goals

              Phase 1

  • Private Sale to raise funds post rebranding
  • Unicrypt KYC and Audit
  • Poocoin Ads
  • Posting on subreddits
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Satoshi Street Bets AMA

            Phase 2

  • Pancake Swap Launch
  • Whitepaper
  • Continued Influencer Marketing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Donations through Marketing Wallet
  • CoinMarketCap Listing

            Phase 3

  • Further exchange listings
  • Work in NFT Space
  • 50,000 holders
  • Next round of Influencer Marketing
  • Merch Drop


            Phase 4

  • Continued growth with marketing and new CEX Listings
  • Viral Marketing and Tiktok

            Phase 5

  • Becoming a big name and making new appearances
  • Creative ways to Market
  • Overtopping Big Brother

Donate to BabyBrother Doge

Donations are greatly appreciated as they help us further develop the token

The only reason this token exists is because of our community and generous donors. If you would like to pitch in, the BSC/ERC Donation address is :


Accepted: All BSC Chain and ERC Chain Tokens

Preferred: BUSD and BNB